Mindwave Mobile comes with an installation CD that guides you step-by-step (or you can download the Starter Kit from this link). That is good. Of course in theory.

The problem is, on Mac OsX it is not always easy to make the first connection between the device and the operating system. ThinkGear Connector that comes with the CD gave us a hard time to make the connection so we visited the website of the company to check for an updated version. Here is the link to the file. The important point here is that you should pair the device before starting the ThinkGear application. Only after the pairing is complete, you can start using the device through TGC connector. What does it mean? In our case, after TGC Connector Installation is complete, we terminated the application which had already initialized. Then we turned the Mindwave Mobile on, opened Bluetooth preferences on OSX and moved the little handle on Mindwave Mobile all to way up to on/pair for few seconds and the device was finally listed on the list. After clicking the Pair button, the device was paired with our Mac. Yet again after few seconds, the connection was off and the devices were not connected anymore. No worries! (we did worry instead 🙂

The trick is starting the Mindwave Mobile Setup at this point and following the instructions. After a successful installation, the headset will connect to the computer again via Bluetooth. If it does not, restart your Mac and device to repeat the connection process. After several attempts to find the correct order of initializing the Bluetooth, pairing the device and activating ThinkGear Application, we managed to pair the headset to the computer and saw “the waves” through the default application Brainwave Visualizer that comes with the installation. Let’s move on…


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