EEG Selected Projects



After working on Processing and Arduino to create outputs from EEG data, let’s give a little break and look at some of the projects developed using EEG devices.

Here is a quick list of the projects completed using consumer-level EEG devices and the data derived from these that demonstrates how this technology can be utilized to propose new ideas related to the interaction between Brain and Computers…

These cat ears use EEG to read your brain waves and move depending on how you’re feeling.

A game that uses the Neurosky Mindset, in conjunction with regular keyboard controls to deliver a gaming experience.

EEG Data Visualising Pendant – wearable technology for social situations. The pendant visualizes EEG attention (red) and meditation (green) data and visualizes it on this LED matrix in real time. Using a Mindwave Mobile, Bluetooth dongle, and Shrimp microcontroller. More info can be found here

Brainwave-Controlled Zen Garden is similar to a standard desktop zen garden in that you rake sand to calm yourself. In this version, though, the rake and resultant patterns are controlled by your actual brainwaves. If you are tense and worrisome, the rake moves randomly and quickly, scribbling odd patterns in the sand.

Projecting sensed mental activation onto a 3D model of Lincoln Center, New York City. Part of the GSAPP Cloud Lab’s Neural Cartography project. More info here

More info at… The DUMBO Neural Cartography project is bringing together low-cost brain-computer interfaces, public participation, and a suite of tools to record and project mental activity back onto the city.

Fashion designer Nange Magro demonstrating her mind-controlled dress, named Mechapolypse, that changes shape at your will. The dress is a good example how NeuroSky brain-computer interface technology can be applied to fashion. More in here

Installation in the Vasarely Museum Aix en Provence.

Wheel It – Android App Project

Game developer Alex Lagarias demos Beer Battle at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014. The game challenges players to concentrate using NeuroSky headsets to fill their opponent’s cup.

NeuroMage puts you in a dramatic real-time Mage duel where you must control your brain waves to learn spells and defeat your opponent.

Lisa Park monitors her own brain activity during meditation and transposes this energy onto dishes of water to reveal zen-like vibrations.  More info can be found here

By concentrating and focusing their mind through picturing the rose from the Little Prince, pieces of letters come together to create the word ‘rose’. Essentially, by using the power of their mind and tapping into the power of imagination, they control the outcome of this interactive experience.

An exploration into neurogenerative art. Islamic patterns created by your state of mind.

The idea is simple: what if you could control slot cars with the power of your mind?

The Audi Mind Race is a physical installation with 8 tracks of Audi R18 e-tron (made by hand). Each player controls his car by his level of attention measured with a brainwave device called Mindwave.

This is the end of the list for now.

I will update this post with examples that I come across which propose new ways of using brainwave data. Also you can comment below and share the projects you came across that are worth mentioning.

Stay tuned…


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